Above: Behind the curtains.

2018. Oil on canvas. 30x50 cm.

Above: Reincarnation into Wechat Family Group.

2018. Oil on canvas. 40x30 cm.


Above: Human-made Human.

2018. Oil on canvas. About 20x40 cm.

Above: Age of Empire III.

2018. Oil on board. 30x40 cm.

Above: Time: Timeless.

2018. Oil on canvas. 30x40 cm.

Above: Doodlers.

2018. Oil on canvas. 60x80 cm.

Above: Games.

2018. Oil on canvas. 60x100 cm.

Above: Ceremonies.

2018. Oil on canvas. 60x100 cm.

About the Works

This series was created in 2018, motivated mainly by a confusion between the playful and the serious.

Enumerating and juxtaposing phenomena to a degree can provide a sense of panorama. However, within the panorama of the works Games and Ceremonies, the juxtaposition of phenomena does not guarantee a revealing of relationships between individual phenomena, and the interdependence between them is actually absent. Such a panorama is not a natural but a simulated one.